We take a look at Peppermint, Dominator’s new 42M flagship.


As part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations at the Cannes Yachting Festival, Dominator Yachts revealed the familiar-but-larger lines of Peppermint, the shipyard’s new 42M Ilumen.

We featured Hanaa, the Dubai-based Ilumen 28M on the cover of the March/April edition, and spent time on board her, so we know exactly the quality, craftsmanship and passion that will be replicated in the new 42 metre.

Onboard office: As the Owner plans to spend long periods aboard the Peppermint, she has been equipped with a teleconference screen, printers and scanners.


You don’t have to have a masters in art to understand that increasing the LOA of an existing yacht design will naturally streamline the hull and superstructure. Although the same overall look and shape as the 28M, the 42M’s extra length gives her a lower, sportier stance. Here, the dark glazing areas have been lengthened considerably. The tinted glass of the Owner’s cabin ‘flash’ and bridge deck windows are especially noticeable.

With the 42M’s extra size comes a lot more strength, with the shipyard utilising carbon fibre extensively, to keep rigidity high and weight low. The results are a semi-displacement high performance hull that can reach a top speed of 19.5 knots, while also having an oceanic transfer range of 450 nautical miles. “Beyond its ability to do transatlantic crossings, Peppermint will be the only one in its class with a Touch-and-go helipad option on the bow – usually reserved for bigger megayachts,” commented CEO Angela Pernsteiner. “We see the boat as a serious mini-explorer. And the Owner will explore the world on her.”


Exploration is a major theme of Peppermint on many levels. Not only can she effortlessly traverse the oceans, but also her interior spaces are also themed on destinations from across the globe. “The Owner wanted each area to represent different countries and continents,” says Pernsteiner. “For instance, the flybridge has a Middle Eastern theme, with subdued colours, a relaxing ambience and even a shisha lounge – as well as a traditional bar.”

A New York loft was the inspiration for the huge Owner’s suite, which takes up almost a third of the 42M’s main deck area. That’s a lot of space to play with creatively and the 8.8 metre beam has allowed Dominator’s designers to replicate a modern penthouse, but with arguably better views. The 42M keeps the original Ilumen’s private deck forward and opening moon roof, but on a bigger scale.

In fact, there’s enough deck space for business meetings, wellness and detox zones, entertainment areas and private hideaways for some serious ‘me time’.

Europe’s influence can be found in the main salon and cockpit. Here art sourced from Milan is showcased while the open areas are contemporary in their feel.

Asia’s wellness properties are reflected on the upper deck, where Peppermint’s yoga studio, gym and smoothie bar take you to a far-flung coast. Of course, the 42M has a beach club of her own, which has a laid-back Australian feel, highlighted by a live botanical wall.

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The 42M is a big project in many ways. So big, that Dominator is looking for a more specialised location to build Peppermint in. “We are on a quest for facilities suitable for this megayacht build, as our current shipyard is limited in height and not directly next to the water,” says Pernsteiner. “Furthermore, Peppermint will also be done in an environment used to construct, outfit and finish the yachts to the highest megayacht standards.” Knowing how close Dominator crates its yachts compared to the initial concept renderings, Peppermint will look exactly like the images here, making her a stunning flagship of the Ilumen range.