Yachts Middle East is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the region's yacht owners and the luxury lifestyle they live. Every 178-page issue delivers a broad range of yacht-related features, from gadget reviews and marina news, right up to latest superyacht sea trials.

Entertaining features are supported in print and online by stunning images from the world’s top photographers.
Our Outlook

Did you know that six of the Top 10 largest superyachts in the world are Middle East owned? This remarkable fact is just one of the driving forces behind Yachts Middle East – an exciting evolution of the region’s first and foremost English language yachting magazine, Yachts Emirates.

Dedicated to the region’s vibrant yachting lifestyle and the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals who live it, Yachts Middle East covers the yachting hot spots from Turkey to Oman.

Written by leading professionals, from powerboat racers to superyacht captains, Yachts Middle East’s editorial objective is to impress, educate and entertain with informative articles, entertaining features and stunning images from the world’s top photographers.

Inside you will find news, reviews and sea trials mixed with the finest in luxury lifestyle, including supercars, business jets, timepieces and travel.


Yachts Middle East has a unique and unrivalled platform that benefits from multiple touch points, relevant to the titles audience. Yachts Emirates has a mature and focussed print distribution strategy that capitalises on its regional hub whilst being complemented by its multi-faceted digital channels.

We utilise the global network of our publishing group to expand the reach outside of Yachts Middle East of these key territories and across print and digital landscapes.

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The Team

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Gareth Kurt Warren

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Nelissa Baja

A content strategy for online and print

Yachts Middle East has a buoyant online presence with bringing you a more digestible format of everyone’s favourite yachting lifestyle magazine. Expect the same in-depth features and engaging analysis as the magazine, but with the added attraction of up to the minute, local and international news. Shorter, snappier and more accessible, the website continues to inform, engage and entertain, except now the images of the world’s best photographers are reproduced on your screen in glorious High Definition. With daily updates, is the Middle East’s online hub for yachting news, reviews and gossip.

Boats Arabia

With year-round sunshine, easy access to the sea and attractive incomes it’s no wonder more and more of the Middle East’s population are thinking about buying and running their first boat. Boats Arabia, which is a section in the magazine, is designed to be an introduction to the marine leisure lifestyle, concentrating on the fun, sub 50-foot side of the market.

Our Audience

The Yachts Middle East target audience is unique in the luxury lifestyle world. Our yachtowning High Net Worth Individuals think nothing about treating themselves to a supercar, exclusive timepiece or a month long holiday in the Med, Caribbean or the Maldives. If you’re interested in an individual who can spend US$ 250 million on a megayacht without blinking, then we can deliver your brand to their hand.

Website Reach

For 2018, Yachts Middle East has made the transition online with the new interactive website Here, the portal brings you a more digestible format of everyone’s favorite yachting lifestyle and waterfront living magazine. Shorter, snappier and more accessible, the website continues to inform, engage and entertain, except now the images of the world’s best photographers are reproduced in glorious.