Opulent Designs International – the world's first designer and supplier of bespoke carbon fibre lifts to the superyacht industry and high-end residential market – has received its first maritime order having been commissioned to supply carbon fibre lift interiors for a vessel in Florida.

Steve Chalmers

These ultra-lightweight lifts are constructed for Opulent Designs International in the UK by carbon fibre specialist Supernatural-X at its 10,000 square metre facility. They will then be shipped to Holland Marine Lifts BV in Rotterdam for assembly and on-board installation.

A fully operational Opulent Designs carbon fibre lift is also being installed at Holland Marine Lifts’ own facility this spring as a working showcase for superyacht builders, designers and project managers.

As well as a huge weight saving – Opulent Designs’ lift cabins and shafts can weigh up to a twentieth of their steel counterparts – another big advantage is the flexibility that carbon fibre construction allows designers. Virtually any design is possible and the strength of the material (typically five times stronger than steel) makes for less bulky shafts, keeping usable living spaces on all decks as large as possible.

Opulent Designs International is working with a number of designers and craftsmen – including renowned Silverlining Furniture, Shamsian and Taurini – to showcase examples of potential finishes for lift cabin interiors.

Different operating mechanisms may be used to allow for lift cabins to ‘pop up’ through a hatch, appearing on an otherwise flush deck, and eventually – for the owner who dares to push the boundaries and with Classification Society and Flag State approval – emerge through the hull structure underwater…

Opulent Designs International’s British team includes the former Managing Director of a Far Eastern lift manufacturer – responsible for the construction of the world’s first carbon fibre lift – and co-directors with extensive experience in the development and marketing of luxury property.