Founded in 2020, Finnish company Saxdor Yachts has quickly built up a successful line-up of boats, currently headed by the 320 series.


Despite launching a company during the pandemic, Saxdor Yachts’ debutant, the Saxdor 200 was an immediate hit, attracting customers worldwide with its compact, sharp style and PWC inspirations. Moving up the scale is the new 32-foot Saxdor 320, another versatile walk-around with a choice of deck options.


The Saxdor 320’s hull comes with three options: the open GTR: the T-top GTO and the closed GTC. Having a choice of layouts based on one hull design makes significant savings in production, lowers the cost of the boat and at the same time gives it the ability to attract completely different customers. Different roof options also open the 320 up to world markets, with the GTC being ideal for the strong sunshine of the Middle East, whereas the GTR would suit the cooler Mediterranean.


“I have always admired Italian design, American functionality and French prices,” commented Saxdor’s founder Sakari Mattila. “Therefore, the goal of the 320 was to combine all the above attributes with the Scandinavian style.” Slovenia’s award-wining J&J Design group was brought in to hone the 320’s looks, helping it to stand out in the marina with innovative glazing and neat detailing. It’s aggressive, but at the same time futuristic, bright and visually harmonious.

The UAE-friendly GTC is the most practical model of the range, adding cabin space by stretching the cabin’s glazing right to the bulwarks. The trawler-like glasswork allows for a commanding view while shielding guests from the summer sun. For winter cruising a retractable sunroof lets in the sunshine while large, sliding windows create a cool breeze.

Polish connection: Saxdor’s HQ is located in Helsinki, while the shipyard is situated in Suwalki, one of the main boat-building areas in Poland.


Stylish, drop-down side terraces open up the cockpit space across the 320 range with the GTO and GTR making use of the extra area by offering various seating and sunpad layouts. The cockpit space on the GTC is more limited as the cabin stretches back to the cockpit table.

Interestingly, the Saxdor 320 is designed for 8 guests, and at first glance it seems like a lot of people for a 10-metre boat. However, uncomfortable it is not. The aforementioned folding sides significantly expand the space at anchor, allowing guests to move comfortably and not feel constrained and the cabin doesn’t waste a square centimetre in its design.

The GTC’s aft sliding door can be fixed in the open position, giving free access from the cockpit to the salon while the port-side forward door is hinged and provides the only access to the bow deck.

First of the GT line: The Saxdor 320 GTO with its T-top roof and walk-around deck was the first boat in the series.

A large dashboard, stylish leather steering wheel and two Simrad displays makes it easy to monitor the 320 on the move.  Saxdor has definitely thought of the skipper here, as there are opening sections of glazing on both sides of the helm station; cup holders near the co-pilot’s seat and the captain’s chair has fine adjustments. Both helm seats can also swivel 180 degrees to join the folding table

The cabin is accessible through the console’s sliding door and is an easy two-steps down. Forward is the double bed with a sofa to port, a wardrobe to starboard and a huge skylight in the ceiling. At the door is a bathroom with a washbasin and amenities, while a shower, both on deck and in the bathroom, is offered as an option.

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As expected, the Saxdor 320 is offered with a number of power options. Owners can choose from a single Mercury V8 with 300 hp; two Mercury V6s totaling 500 hp, or a pair of Mercury V8s that put out a combined 600 hp. Even the most economical single-engine variant can propel the 2.6 ton boat to 38 knots (30 knots cruise) while 600-horsepower provides a cruise speed of up to 40 knots and a max of 50 knots – plenty quick for any skipper.

Options-wise, the list of additions for the high performer are extensive. In fact, the range is so broad that it’s safe to say that there are hardly two Saxdor 320s the same.   

While 600-horsepower provides a cruise speed of up to 40 knots and a max of 50 knots – plenty quick for any skipper.


Saxdor has made great strides into the marine industry, racking up numerous awards in a very short amount of time. The shipyard’s 320 series is shaping up to be another winner for the Finnish brand, mixing stylish looks with a huge amount of equipment and strong power options. The Saxdor 320 demonstrates exactly what a modern cruiser should be – functional, fast, reliable and fun.