Mazu Yachts’ CEO, Halit Yukay is a passionate boater. He’s also an industrial designer. Mix the two together and you get a the 52 HT – a boat built to the exacting requirements of one man.

Steve Chalmers

Shipyard CEOs tend to be graceful, formal types. Crisp shirts, shiny shoes and a fitted jacket are the order of the day, understandably, as the Chief Executive Officer represents his or her shipyard in the way they walk, talk and portray themselves. And then there’s Halit Yukay. Mazu Yachts’ CEO is more likely to be found wakeboarding or sailing than he is crunching numbers in a boardroom and the Turkish yacht designer’s character, experience and personality can be seen in the tenders and day boats Mazu produces – especially so in his latest creation, the 52HT, which made its debut at this year’s Cannes and Monaco shows.


With a Bachelor’s in Interior and Industrial Design, Yukay took on the design aspects of the 52HT himself, creating the new Mazu flagship, which is an evolution of the Turkish shipyard’s earlier 38 and 42 foot craft. Here in Monaco, the 52 HT is moored stern to at the Quai Albert 1er end of Port Hercule – an ideal place to view a boat, as the spot is uncluttered and open, allowing us to actually see the big silver hull with its contrasting teak detailing and a gloss black hardtop. The 52 is a big boat, with lines that are more militaristic than graceful. It’s a masculine shape, with the carbon composite hull being lightweight enough to allow for a 4.6 metre beam.

Bespoke production: As the shipyard puts so much care and attention into its builds, Mazu will never produce more than 10 boats a year.


Stepping on board via the aft transformer (which doubles as a diving board/swim ladder) the first thing you notice is the Mazu’s beam, all 4.6 metres of it. That’s plenty of room for a raised sunpad, which at first glance I thought was an engine cover, only to find out that it is in fact the tender garage, albeit for a rather compact RIB. We count a hedonistic six drinks holders down the sunpad flanks, with the galley (featuring a grill, sink and double hob) also acting as a handy headrest. One detail we really like here are the two pop-up circular lights on the galley top. These can be stowed flat during navigation, rising at night to cast a warm glow over the cockpit, creating a rather romantic ambience.

Two L-shaped sofas allow guests to lounge around the three-section table, the centre of which can be folded open to create a walkway to the four rather aggressive seats. Each seat features the Mazu Yachts logo, with a large ‘Fifty Two’ script on the forward dashboard reminding you exactly what boat you’re on. Despite their offshore looks, the helm seats are wide and comfortable offering plenty of support on an angry sea. The helm itself is minimalistic, with a pair of Garmin screens dominating the dash.

Another one of Yukay’s design elements we like is the way the windscreen framing carries on up into the carbon composite hardtop. It’s interesting how 12 inches of extra framework can add a 007 look to a boat, plus they give the hardtop and extra two anchor points, meaning no hardtop ‘flutter’ when the going gets rough/fast.

Sun worshipers can escape the cover of the hardtop and head up the port and starboard steps to the bow deck. This is a vast space, which with some loose furniture can be transformed into a motor yacht style entertainment area. It is however, what’s below this teak decking that is of real interest.

With a Bachelor’s in Interior and Industrial Design, Yukay took on the design aspects of the 52HT himself.
Here, an open plan bathroom, resplendent in Bianca marble and wood, has the feel of something a lot grander and a lot more expensive.


Yukay created his 52 HT as a tender/dayboat and in many ways, we’re expecting the lower deck to be simple and even a bit spartan. How wrong we are. Heading down the central steps at the side of the helm, we’re greeted by an interior that wouldn’t look out of place on a much larger motor yacht.

At the base of the stairs is the lounge area, with a large L-shaped sofa sitting on top of a deep carpet. The grey colourway is lit up by the large glazing, with orange details and a deep red cupboard/TV cabinet to starboard breaking up the cool shade. It’s all beautifully finished, with luxurious Foglizio leathers found throughout.

Forward is the Owner’s suite, which is not your normal 50-footer cabin. As you walk through the door you’re greeted by acres of soft textures, a woven bed base and headboard, plus some very pleasant stainless steel work, but it’s as you glance aft to where you’d expect to find a wall, a flat screen TV and the bathroom door that you realise the Mazu is a bit special. Here, an open plan bathroom, resplendent in Bianca marble and wood, has the feel of something a lot grander, and a lot more expensive. Aft there is a second double cabin, featuring the same grey colourway as the rest of the Fifty Two.

Working with the Owners: Yukay spends a tremendous amount of time getting to know his customers, their needs and lifestyles so he can tailor each craft exclusively for them.
LOA: 15.7m
Length at waterline: 13.80m
Beam: 4.6m
Draught: 0.8m
Displacement: 14t
Hull: Epoxy system carbon composite
Deck material: teak
Engines: 2x Volvo Penta IPS 800
Power: 2x 600hp
Max speed: 38kn
Cruise speed: 32kn
Fuel cap: 200ltr
Water cap: 450ltr
Black water: 130ltr
Class: CE/B
Builder: Mazu Yachts, Yalova,Turkey


Sitting directly under the aft lounge are the 52’s Volvo Penta IPS 800 engines. These put out 600 horsepower each, giving the Mazu a top speed of 38 knots with a cruise speed of 32 knots – plenty of performance for a day out on the waves. Volvo Penta’s joystick control makes easy work of marinas as once the ‘Docking’ button is pressed, the 52 goes in the direction you move the joystick. The system also has a ‘High Mode’ for when you need more thrust – say against the wind, or the current.


What we have here is the result of a shipyard owner who’s also an experienced sailor who can also design yachts. Halit Yukay has built himself what he believes to be the ultimate 52 foot dayboat and design wise, he doesn’t answer to anyone, so he can create what he wants. Stylish, spacious and with a lower deck reminiscent of a big motor yacht, the Mazu 52 HT represents excellent value at a starting price of 890,000 Euros.