ALVA Yachts is bringing yachting into a new era with electrified solar catamarans and sailing yachts that combine self-sufficient, long-range cruising capabilities and class-leading design
We're thrilled to unveil the latest gem in our fleet, the remarkable Alva Yacht ECO 78.

Solar-Powered Brilliance: The OCEAN ECO 78 comes equipped with the solar and electric propulsion technology to reach a top speed of 14-15 knots (16-17 mph) at sea, plus plenty of battery capacity to go far – offering transatlantic range and “virtually unlimited autonomy”.

Efficiency Redefined: With advanced hull design and state-of-the-art battery systems, the ECO 78 maximizes energy usage efficiency, extending its range for extended voyages while minimizing impact on the environment.


LOA: 23.70 m - 78.10 ft
LOW: 22.60 m - 77.60 ft
Beam: 12 m - 38.8 ft
Draft: 1.2 m* - 4 ft
Displacement: (LD) 65 t
Bridge Height: 1.6 m - 4.93 ft
Height Overall: 8.5 m - 25 ft
2x 480 KW (Performance)
2x 230 KW (Standard)
Generator: 2x 48 KVA
Batterie Capacity: 80-490 kWh
Top Speed: 16 knots II
Cruising Speed: 8-10 knots