Inspired by the revolutionary vision of Paolo Vitelli, Founder and President of Azimut|Benetti Group.


Inspired by the revolutionary vision of Paolo Vitelli, Founder and President of Azimut|Benetti Group, and shaped by the creative genius of architect Stefano Righini, Benetti B.Yond 37M “Goga” extends across four decks, embodying the excellence of a new series of Voyagers and expressing the style favoured by modern owners.

Instead of fiberglass, Benetti made an unusual choice for a boat this size and opted for a return to steel. A step back in time to the 1950s, when Benetti pioneered the introduction of metal in place of wood. For many markets, steel is a symbol of durability and solidity, which are quintessential features of a Voyager designed for long cruises.



The innovative E-Mode Hybrid system by Siemens Energy makes it possible to optimize on-board energy consumption according to specific usage profiles, which translates into unprecedented CO2 and NOx emissions reductions for a yacht in this category.

Open and spacious, the interior design by Benetti architect Mauro Izzo offers even more potential for customisation, allowing the owner to express their own taste and personality on a yacht to live on as if it were a second home.

This spirit has been captured to perfection by leading contemporary design brand Giorgetti, chosen by Benetti to provide the indoor and outdoor furnishings for the first B.Yond 37M, with solutions that accommodate all the owner’s requests in an embodiment of absolute quality in terms of stylistic elegance and functional excellence.

The materials chosen, including bronze bases and various types of wood and marble, are always innovative without forgetting the focus on sustainability that runs through the design of the entire yacht, acting as the guiding principle for every decision. The colour scheme presents a palette of natural hues enhanced by touches of blue, provided by the fabrics and accessories, which stand out against the optical white walls and echo the colour of the sea.

The ne plus ultra of Made in Benetti excellence, B.Yond 37M reveals its uniqueness in the ground-breaking concept, the unprecedented design, the technological innovation, and the focus on protecting the environment, all of which come together to offer a peerless lifestyle.