Zuccon International Project has presented designs for two new Sanlorenzo yachts: the SD 96 and the SL96 Asymmetric.

Once again, the partnership between Sanlorenzo and the Rome-based design firm has led to a pair of bold concepts, which in the case of the SD 96, has taken inspiration from transatlantic liners of the 1930s. “The world of small ships is as appealing and romantic as it is complex, because it is inhabited by people who choose to live at sea for long periods of time.” commented Bernardo Zuccon.

For the SL96 Asymmetric, Zuccon took car designer Chris Bangle’s original idea and evolved it with the shipyard’s engineers and designers. “Every project always begins by sharing an idea that represents a synthesis between the designer’s sensibility and the customer’s desires,” said Zuccon.

“In this case, the input was clear: continue along the design path that began with the SL102 experience, setting ourselves the goal of preserving the stylistic features and languages that characterised the first product, while reworking them to give the new direction the identity it needs to add strength and credibility to range choices.”