With a pair of MAN V12s powering it up to 48 knots, the 6X is the pocket rocket of the Pershing range.

Nabil Ibrahim

Okay, let’s jump straight in here: the 62 foot Pershing 6X is powered by two V12 MAN turbo diesel. Each 24-litre engine produces 1550 metric horsepower and 5,185-newton metres of torque. That’s enough grunt to power the Pershing up to a 48 knot top speed, with the yacht’s cruise speed coming in at an equally swift 42 knots. The range is a modest 280 nautical miles, but when the Top System surface drives are kicking up the Pershing’s trademark rooster tail, the range drops accordingly.

Interestingly, the 6X’s surface drives can be coupled to a joystick offering various advanced operating modes, including ‘easy handling’ for manoeuvring in confined waters – great for practicality as surface drives can be difficult to handle in marinas (but not so good for an old school captain’s ego).

Open yacht feel: For open air enthusiasts, the glass partition that separates the cockpit and lounge can be fully retracted.

From the helm, the entry-level Pershing features an advanced Easy Set interface. Created by Top System, Onyx and Xenta, it integrates propulsion management with the manoeuvring, navigation and onboard monitoring systems, simplifying the use of the surface propellers. In addition, the DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) maintains the Pershing steady in the same position even in strong winds or currents. This is ideal for preparing to moor or refuel, or waiting for a bridge to open – the 6X really is a user-friendly, superboat.


Although Pershings are available in other colours (and even two-tone colourways), it’s the classic silver that has become synonymous with the brand. The 6X’s sleek, streamlined, highly aerodynamic profile is set off by the metallic hue, with the shape brought up to date by the combined efforts of Pershing design stalwart Fulvio De Simoni; the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee (led by Mr. Piero Ferrari) and the Group’s Engineering Department.


Inside the 6X, the sportiness continues with deep Potrona Frau-upholstered bucket seats for the captain and co-pilot, plus there’s carbon fibre detailing on the dashboard along with a refined colourway featuring browns, greys and a dash of white. The main salon’s light and dark colourways are mirrored on the lower deck, with the three cabins (master amidships, VIP forward and guest starboard) all featuring contemporary shades. The Owner’s suite is lit by large rectangular windows and portholes with smaller windows keeping the other cabins and the galley bright and airy.

Pershing 6X specifications
LOA 18,94 m
Max beam 4,80 m
Draught 1,45 m
Unladen displacement 34.000 kg
Laden displacement 40.000 kg
Fuel 3.200 ltr
Water 740 ltr
Engines 2x MAN V12 1550
Engine HP 1550
Range 280 nm


Shoehorning two V12 turbo diesel into a 19-metre hull is a recipe for excitement. Add a technologically advanced propulsion management system mated to surface drives and you have a genuine superboat. Pershing’s 6X is a high-performance all-rounder. Whatever you want it to do, it’ll do it, from easy marina manoeuvring to huge rooster tails, it can even be used as a luxury motor yacht.