There’s nowhere quite like Venice, the unique and iconic apotheosis of architecture, romance and water – and there’s nothing quite like a Wally, the exceptional application of design, functionality and sea-going flair that always remains two steps ahead of the rest of the market.

The wallywhy100 is the logical extension of the next-gen wallywhy range, drawing on the key features that have marked her larger sisters – the wallywhy200 and wallywhy150 – and taking elements from other members of the Wally family to deliver a 21.4-metre yacht that sets pulses racing with its looks and performance as easily as it draws deep, relaxed sighs from its guests on board.

The single living level brings the iconic stealth-style glass superstructure, the open living areas and vast sea terrace into a package that delivers in every aspect, from her performance to her accommodations and her styling. She’s as breathtaking an addition to the market as Venice was a breathtaking backdrop to her debut.