It was English poet William Cowper who penned the quote: “Variety is the spice of life.”
That was back in 1785, and it’s taken 234 years for miscellany to filter down into yacht design.

For too long, if you wanted a new toy, your options were limited to a speedboat, cruiser or motor yacht, and that was about it. To make matters worse, everything bobbing up and down on the water looked the same – white hull with a white superstructure.

Fortunately, as the world we live in today gets more introverted, shipyards and yacht designers have gone in the other direction, with the choice of modern vessels now covering every taste, want and requirement. Wake boat, fishing boat, cigarette boat, house boat, deck boat, day boat, cat, tri, coupé, super sports, explorer, expedition… I could go on and on, but out of all the new categories, it’s the SUV that is really catching the imaginations of yacht owners.

These Sport Utility Vessels are stylish, spacious and fun, with the new Nomad range perfectly encapsulating the genre. Here, the Owner, guests and crew have at their disposal a yacht that has the range to travel the oceans, the efficiency to do it economically and the luxury and toys to keep everyone on board entertained for weeks. Life on the water has never been so livable.