Korkyra650 – the result of years of experience and investment in development

The development of this vessel, with its exceptional features, is the result of several circumstances. The Slovenian international company ROTO has a long tradition of developing various polymer products. A few years ago, ROTO also ventured into the development of the ROTO Nautica division, leveraging its extensive know-how and experience in producing high-end products. The company’s development teams, recognizing the importance of protecting the natural environment and the commitments made by all European countries to reduce greenhouse gases, have chosen a material that is fully recyclable after use.

A versatile vessel for a wide variety of water activities

In designing the catamaran, ROTO has prioritized the realistic expectations and needs of its customers, resulting in the Korkyra650—a vessel with excellent buoyancy performance, low drag, lightweight yet robust construction, and easy handling. The use of highly resistant materials significantly extends the vessel’s lifespan, leading to substantially reduced maintenance costs. The developers of the Korkyra650 have identified a major commercial opportunity for companies that rent out such vessels, emphasizing the ease of operation, low maintenance costs, and exceptional resilience of the otherwise lightweight material, resulting in significant savings for companies in terms of reduced damage and maintenance costs.

The Korkyra650, named after two famous Mediterranean islands (Corfu in Greece and Korčula in Croatia), can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers. Constructed from 8 basic parts and boasting a width of 240 cm, it can be effortlessly transported on conventional boat trailers without the need for additional permits or costs. The Korkyra650 is designed to be easily shipped in a dismantled state, with up to 4 catamarans fitting into a 45ft shipping container. Assembling the Korkyra650 is a straightforward process, and its cost-effective transportation makes it an attractive choice.