Officially presented for the first time in water at the Venice Boat Show 2024, the Seadeck 6 is the debut model of Azimut’s Seadeck Series, the world’s first range of Low Emission Yachts.


Not content to await some distant promised sustainable future, Azimut determined to explore all frontiers and take immediate action more than two decades ago. As the breakthroughs added up over the years, a vision of a realistic reduction of environmental impact began to take shape.

The Seadeck Series synthesizes all the advancements of the 21st century with cutting-edge technology ahead of its time to deliver the most efficient and sustainable yachts ever produced by Azimut, starting with the Seadeck 6.

Through a holistic approach, yachting has finally found a harmonious balance with the marine environment. The Seadeck Series, in fact, can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 40% in one year of average use compared to traditional yachts of similar size thanks to the state-of-the-art “gentle” innovations introduced by the Shipyard.

Azimut Seadeck 6

Gentle at sea

To fulfill its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, Azimut’s Seadeck Series combines weight reduction and an efficient latest-generation hull with forerunner solutions coming from the electrification technology.

Azimut pioneered the use of carbon fiber and has accrued experience in lightening its boats through the extensive use of this material, which is produced in-house by the Shipyard. Applying the accumulated insights of the R&D Department to maximize the carbon fiber content, Azimut laminates 40% of the Seadeck 6’s surface in the high-performance lighter material – such as the deckhouse, roof, wings, bathing platform, and most of the main deck, from the saloon amidships to the aft, including the Fun Island – in order to optimize the weight of the boat and therefore contributing to fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

Seadeck is the first series of hybrid yachts for families, offering different solutions to meet individual customer needs, from Mild Hybrid Zero Emission Hotel Mode to the Full-Hybrid system.

The first model of the new Series to arrive on the market, The Seadeck 6, introduces the debut of an innovative system that allows both zero-emissions at anchor and cruising with the generator off, further reducing onboard consumption. This system, called Mild Hybrid Zero Emission Hotel Mode, is based on a 42-kWh lithium battery pack and an alternator connected to one of the three engines. The zero-emission autonomy at anchor, depending on the weather conditions, can reach up to 4 hours during the day and 8 hours at night. During navigation, the generator can be kept off with the stabilizer and air conditioning in operation for up to 8 hours.

The Seadeck 6 was born ready for the Full-Hybrid system while its larger sister – the Seadeck 7 – will arrive on the market in September 2024 featuring this new solution.

Even more evident to the guest experience, the Seadeck 6 substitutes typical materials for sustainably sourced alternatives of either natural or recycled origins wherever possible. The new ones are selected also for the benefits they bring, equaling or outperforming the traditional selection, such as cork, an ancient Mediterranean essence that replaces teak with a natural, sustainably harvested decking alternative made of MarineCork by Sace Components with unexpected benefits across the board. Stepping into the Lower Deck, the carpeting is made of silk-like moquette made of repurposed raw materials (R-PET), which can be recycled multiple times over. A sensation for the sense and an elegant showcase of how design can achieve harmony between textile flooring and the environment. But not only. The quest to find sustainable alternatives penetrates the surface, arriving at the core of the yacht: 30% of the Seadeck 6’s skeleton is also made of R-PET, totaling approximately 15,000 recovered plastic bottles put to use to replace the traditional PVC with an efficiency up to 100%.

The Fun Island on Seadeck 6

Concept and Design

Alberto Mancini, entrusted with the evolution of Azimut DNA, imbues the exterior design with a clean, modern aesthetic that reflects the model’s mission. Elaborating on his concept, interior designers Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez curate the onboard environments with the goal of unleashing and complementing the beauty of the yacht’s surroundings and enticing guests to enter communion with nature.

In Detail

The Seadeck 6, with a length of 17, 5 meters and a beam of 5,05 meters, is designed to accommodate up to six people on board in three guest cabins for long family cruises and includes a crew cabin for service. The Volvo IPS engines can carry the yacht’s high efficiency hull up to 33 knots and cruise comfortably at 24 knots, with a conscious approach to navigation.