For its 7X, Pershing dropped a pair of 1800mhp V12 turbo diesel into a lightweight package and the result is this 21-metre, 50-knot, muscle yacht.

Julia Mastetiurina

The Pershing 7X is the joint creation of the legendry Fulvio De Simoni and Ferretti’s engineering department and it perfectly reflects all four fundamental principles of the group’s X Series – design, technology, performance, and the use of innovative materials.

It’s nothing new though, as spectacular design solutions have always been a Pershing fundamental. The shipyard has always dictated its own rules, not only in terms of technology and equipment but also in aesthetic direction.

The lighter a craft is, the easier it can be propelled and the 7X has an unladen displacement of only 35,000 kgs. The resultant top speed is 50 knots.

The 7X’s aggressive, streamlined shape is styled as much to catch the eye as it is to cut through the water and Pershing’s trademark side wings finish off the muscle yacht look in style.

Expressive sporty lines are just one of the 7X’s highlights, with De Simoni and Ferretti’s designers also developing a new colourway for the 7X. Here, the special steel hue (named Alusilver) contrasts perfectly with the aggressively styled, tinted black hull and superstructure glazing and the sporty carbon fibre detailing.

There’s so much to take in stylistically that you can spot a new shape and design detail every time you look at her and it all adds up to one of the most exciting shapes on the water.   


Compared to the older Pershing 70, the use of carbon fibre and light alloys gives the 7X the edge when it comes to performance. Not only has Pershing slimmed down the hull and superstructure, but the shipyard has gone as far as using veneers instead of solid wood and even the interior design has been kept minimalistic to save weight.

The result of this diet is a 35,000 kg weigh-in (unladen displacement) compared to the Pershing 70’s chunky 41,000kg. Less weight means better fuel consumption, however, this is a Pershing, so using as much diesel as possible is half the fun. Under the aft deck lurks a pair of 1,800 horsepower MAN turbo diesel mated to Top System P85X surface drives. The mix of huge horsepower power and huge, surface-piercing propellers means the 7X can hit a top speed of 50 knots and cruise at an equally impressive 42 knots.

Where the magic happens: Expect guests to ask to see the Pershing’s engine room. These two huge V12 MAN 1800 turbo-diesel won’t disappoint.

While the P85X drives helps reduce drag and improve engine performance, the 7X’s Seakeeper NG6 gyroscopic stabilisers ensure a comfortable ride in light waves, while the Dynamic Positioning Systems maintain the boat’s position even in unpleasant weather conditions.

The Onyx and Xenta Systems maneuvering, navigation and onboard monitoring systems are also significantly improved and the updated EasySet system allows you to optimise trim by adjusting the drive angles depending on the boat speed.

In addition to these skipper-aids, the Pershing is offered with joystick control, which makes marina maneuvering simple and straightforward. In confined spaces, the 7X can practically be turned on the spot, but as soon as you head out of the marina and drop the throttles, the joystick control automatically turns off for safety reasons.

Classical layout: The 7X’s standard layout features a master suite, a VIP forward and a standard twin.


For a muscle yacht with a 5.35 metre beam, there’s still plenty of space on board as the wide passages, safe stairs and deep swim platform highlight. The garage is also aft and houses the Williams 345 Sportjet tender, while sunbathers can relax on the huge sunpad above it. There’s another sunpad on the foredeck, allowing guests a choice of areas to enjoy.

The cockpit, in spite of its relatively small dimensions, feels open and airy. Here. The sunpad headrests double as the sofa backrests, saving space and allowing mingling space around the corner lounge and a table. These are covered by the overhang, making shaded dining possible from breakfast until sundown.

Iconic looks: There’s no mistaking the Pershing’s sleek silver silhouette, side wings and rooster tail.

Stepping into the main salon through the retractable door and the feeling of space continues with deep glazing letting plenty of natural light to flood the interior. A high ceiling and the moon roofs also create a feeling of openness and relaxing on the wide corner sofa allows you a near-perfect panoramic view. There’s a retractable table at your feet and the retractable TV is hidden in the console opposite. When lowered you notice that the 7X’s furniture doesn’t rise above the base of the glazing, giving you the impression that you’re in a much larger yacht.

Forward is the helm station, with its two captain’s chairs that are finished in the finest Poltrona Frau leather with a texture called Interior in Motion. The dash houses two 19-inch monitors, where the skipper can keep an eye on all of the 7X’s mechanical and electrical systems.


Head down to the lower deck and you arrive at the well-equipped galley. The ceiling is also high below deck and the glazing is large enough to let in plenty of natural light that reflects off a number of mirrored surfaces.     

There are two layouts available for the 7X. The standard version offers three guest cabins; a full-beam master suite, a VIP forward with a double bed and a standard twin cabin to starboard with. However, the optional layout does away with the standard cabin and adds an L-shaped sofa and a table to the lobby area – the perfect dining place for early mornings or late nights.

The upper and lower deck colourways are matched closely with the overall style edging towards contemporary over traditional. Smooth surfaces, minimalistic textures and monochrome colours are present, with plenty of mirrored surfaces positioned to reflect light. Textiles are smooth and classy with Armani/Casa used to great aesthetic effect.

LOA: 21,11 m
Max beam: 5,35 m’
Draft: 1,52m
Unladen displacement: 35,000 kg
Fuel: 3,600 ltr
Water: 800 ltr
Engine: MAN V12 1800
Transmission: Surface drives
Max speed: 50 kn
Cruise speed: 42 kn
Range: 300 nm 
Cabins: 3
Builder: Pershing Yacht


In conclusion, the Pershing 7X is the big-block V8 of the yachting world. Fast, sleek and super sporty it’s most definitely not for shy and retiring owners. The performance from the big MANs is colossal and you can’t argue with a 50 knot top speed. The towering surface drive rooster tail is the final icing on the cake making the 7X one of the most entertaining yachts on the water today.