Twisted Automotive take a standard land Rover Defender and make it a bit special. Now with its ‘Remake History’ collection, the UK tuner is building 45 limited edition Landies, with a twist.
Back in 2016, Twisted Automotive bought 45 Defender’s from the final Land Rover production line.
Steve Chalmers

Knowing the popularity of these versatile off-and-on roaders, the decision was straightforward enough, however, the company had much bigger plans for these iconic machines. Twisted’s founder Charles Fawcett had been modifying, tuning and offering performance enhancements for the then range of Land Rover 200/300tdi Defender, Discovery and Range Rover since 2000, with the Defender proving so popular, the company focused solely on this model from 2009.

Twisted’s ‘Remake History’ collection is the culmination of all those years of experience, with the first build slots taken up at the start of the year. Each new Defender in the Remake History collection will be adapted and modified to a predetermined spec with all the key elements of a Twisted – from comfort and performance to incredible handling on and off-road – while reflecting the Defender’s heritage and roots.

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Fawcett said: “To own a Classic or V8 means you are part of a niche family of history-makers. We want Defender fans to experience a vehicle unlike any others they’ve ever seen or loved. Each build showcases and reflects key milestones in the design history of the original Defender.

“We’re incredibly proud of how Twisted has grown. We want people to join us on this journey to Remake History together and be a huge part of this iconic vehicle’s impressive heritage.”

Prices for the Remake History collection start from £67,000, plus VAT.