Having reopened its borders to international travel on 23 September 2022, Amankora reveals the heart of Bhutan with ever rarer and more awe-inspiring cultural experiences for 2023.
Well suited to those embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the year that lies ahead, Amankora continues to tell the story of the Kingdom of Bhutan through unique, culturally enriching experiences across its five intimate lodges.  

New for 2023, several experiences reveal the very best of the Kingdom’s rugged Himalayan landscapes,  inviting guests to rediscover the once-forgotten ramparts of its central and western valleys. Built in 1638  on a cliff at the confluence of two rivers, the defense fortress of Wangdue Dzong has finally been restored,  following fire damage, and is ready to welcome guests once again to its grounds after a decade of rebuilding and careful restoration.  

Another piece of history restored, the Trans Bhutan Trail provides further opportunity to discover the pristine nature that surrounds it. Dating back to the 16th century, the 402-kilometer-long trading and pilgrimage route were abandoned in the 1960s following the construction of Bhutan’s first major roads.  After 60 years, the trail has been reestablished, allowing the Bhutanese to walk in the steps of their ancestors, and visitors to follow the ancient path with curated daily hikes and multi-day experiences,  paired with stays in all five lodges. 

New for 2023, guests to Bumthang lodge are invited to be blessed with a new Bhutanese name from Sey Lhakhang, is the valley’s most important name-giving institution. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, names in  Bhutan are given by Lamas and Rinpochhes from the temples, and in this special ceremony names can be  given to guests through an intimate ceremony with a Lama. Taking place in the private altar room of the monastery, the ceremony begins with a declaration of date of birth before the Lama performs a Buddhist name calculation using a unique method of Buddhist astrology. Following the name presentation,  explanation and blessing, guests are invited to light butter lamps for wishes of well-being in the weeks and  months that follow.