After a customer's request for a different kind of pool deck, Billards Toulet took up the challenge and partnered with the Norwegian company Stable to create the first gyroscopic billiard table for superyachts

Mo Khatib

Toulet has been designing billiards and foosball tables since 1857 and in complete contrast to its Antique collection is this, the Blacklight stabilised pool table.


Designed in conjunction with Norwegian Stabilised Platform specialist STABLE, the Blacklight is kept level regardless of the movement of the yacht. Sensors constantly monitor movement, meaning waves won’t hamper your potting skills – even more so when used together with a yacht’s stabilisers.


Built for a life on the high seas, the Blacklight is made from 316 L stainless steel and features a waterproof Simonis mat. In addition, anti-corrosion anodes are hidden in the structure.

Fact: while testing the prototype table on the Oslo to Kiel ferry, one of STABLE’s engineers became seasick. A crew member suggested that he should rest on the table, and sure enough, he was soon feeling well again.




Billards Toulet's stabilised table will stay completely level even in the rough