Back in the 1990s when yachts were beginning to reach super sizes, they were built purely for rest and relaxation. ‘Keep fit’ was for middle-aged ladies in green leotards, not yacht owners. Today, the younger breed of owner is now fully wellness aware, leading to entire decks being devoted to fitness. Gyms are now an integral part of a superyacht’s layout: here are three that caught our eye.


Turquoise Yachts Razzan

For anyone trying to make a change in his or her health, motivation is the defining factor. If you have the choice of cinema room, or gym, then often the thought of sitting back in front of the latest Marvel installment with a glass of pop and some salty nibbles is far more appealing than 30 minutes on a treadmill. There again, most superyachts don’t have the view of Turquoise Yacht’s Razan. Here, you can overlook the ocean while you attack your calorie deficit, making that “shall I, or shouldn’t I hit the gym?” a no brainer.

Royal Huisman Ngoni

Location. Location. Location. It’s not what you’ve got in the gym, it’s where you place it. The Owner of Royal Huisman’s Ngoni doesn’t have much choice other than to hit the punch bag, cycle trainer and loose weights, as the gym is perfectly placed between the full-beam Owner’s suite and his study. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, the 58-metre sloop has been created to be ‘fast and furious’ with an emphasis on performance. The fact that a fully stocked gym has been incorporated into the design shows how important wellness is to the Owner.

Heesen G3

What we like about Heesen’s G3 is she was built back in 2008  a long time before gyms became popular on superyachts. At launch, Sibelle, as she was called, featured a fold-down transom/beach club, and behind that (separated by a curtain), was the garage, that housed the tender. It wasn’t until 2017 and an extensive refit that a gym was added, with the garage now turned into a place of calorie-burning worship. Working off last night’s vol au vents has never been so stylish and with the ability to hop from the gym equipment to either the wet bar, or the sea, we won’t be surprised to see more refits utilising the garage space in this way.