How Nuvolari Lenard conceptualised the Mengi Yay NL 50 Plus.


Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard have penned many of the world’s most iconic yachts, with their latest being developed in association with Mengi Yay and brokerage partner Camper & Nicholsons. We catch up with the creative duo at their Scorzè HQ just outside of Venice to find out more about this exciting 52-metre project.

How does the collaboration with Mengi Yay and Camper & Nicholsons contribute to the project?

Nuvolari: Our experience and the partnership with Mengi Yay and Camper & Nicholsons will be hugely beneficial. We have all the Nuvolari Lenard Plus Capsule engineered and there is an NL 50 Plus in the shipyard, so the building process is underway and it is not just a drawing. Working with C&N means we can also draw on their experience to make the communication, coordination, and control of the projects much easier.

How does three decades of design experiences shape the elements of NL 50’s interior and exterior?

Lenard: Many elements of the interior and exterior design were based on our experiences and delivered yachts. The interior flow with separation of crew and guests is a milestone in all our designs and it is the starting point for everything else. – and the fact that we spent time on yachts ourselves, as well as having been in contact with so many yacht owners and families who love the sea, puts us in an unrivalled position to anticipate owner expectations.

How do you approach the concept of proportion?

Nuvolari: Here are no ‘wrong’ angles of view. The secret is in proportion. The yacht seen from the stern is very aggressive and looks bigger. The bow looks serious and will not lose its value because it is not extravagant, unlike some of the crazy bow shapes we see around.

The deck areas have an undeniable Mediterranean lifestyle feel?

Nuvolari: The sundeck space can be enjoyed by a large group of people, and comfort is also guaranteed by the privacy that comes from a separate crew stair that links directly to the crew pantry. The continuity of the spaces, in particular from the beach club up to the main deck, is sublime, and we’ve made sure that the whole area is usable by owners and guests even when the yacht is underway.

The soul of design: Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard share a strong relationship with the sea and style: water and architecture, an indissoluble link which permeates all their projects whether they are yachts, interiors or architectural.
The Owner’s suite features a drawer-style, slide-out terrace?

Nuvolari: The sliding balcony has a couple of modes – when closed, it leaves a little space outside where you can hang out by opening the window door. It’s perfect to take the air or to enjoy the view of the sea and surroundings day or night. When you slide the balcony out, the rail moves into place automatically, which means you can operate it and enjoy it in total privacy.

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How does the interior customisation provide the Owner with the opportunity to add personalised touches?

Nuvolari: A yacht is never a simple process but it becomes simple when what we show pleases the eye. We have variations of the interior style with multiple options for the décor and we also studied
and engineered in advance many of the interior and deck options – however, when potential owners see the layout we have created, I think the majority of them will find it is exactly what they like and that it exactly matches their needs. The freedom to change is always there, naturally, it is closely tied to the timing of the request – the earlier in the build process, the better.

Is timeframe important at the concept stage?

Nuvolari: It’s one of an owner’s main expectations, to have the yacht in a reasonable time and through an exciting process that involves them but does not cause them stress. For this reason, we took the lead by designing everything down to the smallest detail and joining forces with Mengi Yay, a shipyard with solid family traditions that is already masterfully building S1 and S2, two other 500GT yachts designed by Nuvolari Lenard.