The long-awaited cabin version of the Apreamare Gozzo has been launched.


This model, designed to cruise in every season, maintains the distinctive and refined features of the open version and all the iconic elegance of the Sorrento gozzo.

Apreamare is pleased to announce the launch of the first unit of the new Gozzo 38 Cabin. This event not only celebrates the launch of the long-awaited vessel, but also confirms the yard’s role as an innovator – without losing touch with tradition – as the historic Neapolitan shipyard has been known throughout the world for designing and building boats since 1849.

Conceived by Cataldo Aprea and designed by designer Marco Casali and engineer Umberto Tagliavini, the Gozzo 38 Cabin evolves from the famous Gozzo 35, introducing new elements in the design for an extremely comfortable on-board experience. This vessel was designed to expand the internal spaces and guarantee greater protection and habitability on deck, making it ideal for multi-day cruising in every season and sea condition.

The Gozzo 38 Cabin embodies the perfect synergy between advanced functionality and impeccable aesthetics,” says Giovanni Aprea, Sales Manager of Apreamare.

“Thanks to the extended platform and a sinuous and enveloping deckhouse, this model not only preserves the iconic elegance of the Sorrento gozzo but introduces contemporary design elements designed according to the needs of the modern navigator.”

The new Gozzo 38 Cabin will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival (September 10th-15th, 2024) and the Genoa Boat Show (September 19th-24th, 2024), where enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire this latest example of Italian nautical craftsmanship firsthand.


The first unit will cruise the seas of Northern Europe, confirming the marine aptitude of this model designed for the owner who wishes to navigate comfortably all year round and in all weather conditions, even enjoying a multi-day cruise.

This is possible without betraying the winning spirit that animates Apreamare’s projects: great seakeeping, hull stability, comfort, and beautiful shapes and lines that recall the centenary tradition of Sorrento gozzi.