The new Navetta 38 features some of the most distinctive lines, swages and contours on the water all courtesy of Custom Line Atelier, Filippo Salvetti and ACPV ARCHITECTS.


It’s difficult to define the overall style of the Navetta 38. She’s definitely made of classical Custom Line DNA, that’s for sure, but look more closely and you’ll find gentle swathes, subtle line detailing, and the clever use of shadow that is very much next-generation architecture.


“Custom Line Navetta 38’s design revolves around timeless classicism, a hallmark of the Custom Line range, shaped by a balanced and harmonious language of style,” said architect Filippo Salvetti. “This yacht is the perfect blend of yachting prowess and elegance.”


Liveability, subtle design, and a seamless connection with the exterior spaces are all part of ACPV ARCHITECTS’ interior design, as Patricia Viel explains: “Custom Line Navetta 38 is characterised by extensive glazing and mirrored surfaces that create a close relationship between interior and exterior, taking control of the natural light, the water and the surrounding nature and making them her own. Meticulous attention to detail in the customisation of the furnishings, the materiality of the surfaces and the definition of the spaces, as well as the use of a natural palette of delicate sand and ivory colour tones, helps create a smooth and fluid balance with the ambiance, evoking a refined elegance and timeless comfort for both owner and guests.”

Space and grace: With a displacement hull below 300 GT, the Navetta 38 is the ultimate made-to-measure yacht in Custom Line’s range.

Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi concludes: “The birth of a new Navetta always exceeds expectations. We achieve this goal by drawing on talented designers who create magnificent new balances between form and function. The result is unprecedented elegance, spatial fluidity, and absolute comfort. In the case of Custom Line Navetta 38, this added value comes from architect Filippo Salvetti and ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Their ideas and diligent work make it possible to experience the sea with absolute intensity, surrounded by style and beauty.”

It’s always amazing to see a design concept go from a sketch to a launch ceremony, and that’s exactly what’s happened with Custom Line’s Navetta 38.

Touching water for the first time at the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona, the launch was attended by the Owner and family, as well as the shipyard’s employees.

We can now see in reality, the Navetta 38’s classic- but-powerful lines and elegant sculptural swathes enhanced by generous glazed surfaces all forming a harmonious blend of maritime tradition and stylish innovation.

“Seeing a new Navetta enter the water is a powerful emotion. As it is to go aboard and experience the level of comfort offered by this outstanding ship. As a great fan of the Custom Line world, I can assure you that Navetta 38 is seriously exciting and represents a new way to enjoy the sea, featuring elegant materials and interior and exteriors spaces that offer unprecedented liveability. She is extraordinary but in a natural and harmonious way, with all the grace of a true thoroughbred. I’m sure she will be adored by all owners looking for a superior yachting experience,” concludes Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.