Products from the world’s biggest boat accessory show



Seares is an innovative startup company that has the grand aim of revolutionising current mooring and docking systems. The Seadamp’s modular geometric and mechatronic characteristics make it a highly versatile product. In fact, it can be used on mooring lines of small, medium and large boats to dampen the oscillations and heavy loads on the anchor chains of floating pontoons and breakwaters.


The PowerVision Group is a global technology leader focusing on UAV-related products including drones, virtual and augmented reality. The new PowerRay Wizard is an underwater drone (ROV) which comes with a 210ft tether and a 64GB memory card. The PowerRay can dive up to 98 feet, with the internal Wi-Fi system allowing transmission of data over a distance of up to 262 feet.

UAB SAILRACER produces tactical software, hardware and electronics for racing yachts. The site has developed various apps with the SailRacer Ink Display the latest innovation. The E-Ink display provides the best possible visibility with polarized glasses in direct sun shine. It’s also fully waterproof and features an 8000mAh battery – four times bigger than other e-readers – which allows this device to run at the highest refresh rate for days without charging.


Karver has been producing high-tech deck gear for racing yachts for the last 10 years. It’s latest bit of equipment is the Compact Winch, an innovative 2-speed winch that combines power with speed. For those in the know, the new Karver is the same size as a 20 and has the same working load as a size 40 with the same max power as a 46.


Located in Viareggio, Italy, Inoxstyle designs and produces fixed and removable showers for yachts and superyachts. Inoxstyle showers are usually hand made of marine grade stainless steel, but for its latest innovation, the Italian brand has turned to the sporty look and feel of carbon fibre.


California’s Colligo produces a range of deck hardware, synthetic rigging and roller furles. The brand’s latest product is the Revo Block, a small footprint, dynamic block for running applications. With 3D printed Structural Polymer bodies with ceramic bearings and titanium shafts, they’re both reliable and fully rust proof. As they are 3D printed, Colligo can also sell the 3D print of each block, allowing for remote replacement of the part as needed.


Being the Italian Sailing Federation’s official supplier, U-Sail knows exactly what sailors need in terms of reliable performance. The Spider Shoe is its latest development: footwear that has an extraordinary anti slip outsole. Grip on both wet and dry surfaces is assured and the upper is just as impressive, with its stitchless aerospace-spec net fabric.


Hooklinker is a mobile all-in-one multipurpose boat hook link unit that incorporates a spring snap hook, a unique attached LED flashlight, and holder. Clean and fast mooring is guaranteed, and whatever way you’re mooring, either on a buoy, lazy lines or rings, you can easily plug the Hooklinker in its holder.