The LMA MENA is working tirelessly to ensure that our hobby flourishes and for 2023 the association has a new board, as voted for by members during this year’s General Assembly.

Nabil Ibrahim

For many years, the UAE’s leisure marine industry did not have a singular voice.

If a problem arose, it was down to the individual to find the right door to knock on, in the right building, at the right time. The boating industry worked separately, often addressing the very same problem, but in different ways. A lot of time was wasted, as was a lot of talent, but the days of endless meetings and long corridors came to an end with the formation of the Leisure Marine Association MENA.

From Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, we have some world-class people working across the marine industry, from suppliers and chandlers to marina managers and major shipyard CEOs. These hugely influential individuals, teams and companies have now come together, as one, to work for the leisure marine market across the region.

LMA membership: Be heard within the industry about matters that are important. Be part of the solution and promote the interests of the leisure marine industry.


We cannot stress the importance of what the LMA does on behalf of its members and the wider UAE boating community in general. The LMA board works literally day and night to support and push the industry forward. But whom exactly are these industry stalwarts fighting for us?

YACHTS was invited to the LMA’s General Assembly back in September, where members voted for the 2023 Board. A large number of members put themselves up for selection, however, there are only 10 places at the table and for 2023, the following are the board members that will be supporting us:

The LMA board works literally day and night to support and push the industry forward.
  • John W.R. Paul – General Manager, Exalto Emirates
  • Abeer Alshaali – Deputy Managing Director, Gulf Craft inc
  • Hamza Mustafa – Chief Operating Officer, P&O Marinas
  • Farrokh Golchin – Managing Director, StratConn LLC
  • Selcuk Balci – Managing Director, D-Marin Dubai
  • Carol Stoneman – Event Manager, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show
  • Gunther Alvarado – Chief Operating Officer, Al Seer Marine
  • Captain Mike Fetton – Managing Director, JLS Yachts
  • Ahmed Abdelhalim – Senior Marina Manager, Dubai Marina Yacht Club
  • Wyndham Tops – Facilities and Operations Manager, Abu Dhabi Maritime

Individually, each board member has years of experience and knowledge gained across the marine spectrum, and now they are working together to help the MENA region have a strong voice.


For the 2023, YACHTS will be fully supporting the LMA MENA, so check back next issue for the first of our LMA member feature. For Membership details, log on to www.leisuremarinemena.com