The Land Rover Defender Arctic Trucks AT35, developed by Arctic Trucks.


Tested in the harshest environments and built with the toughest materials, the Land Rover Defender Arctic Trucks AT35 is built to last.

The incredibly durable Land Rover Defender Arctic Trucks AT35 guarantees high controllability not only in urban environments, but also in extreme road conditions, such as on sandy surfaces or ice-covered areas. The toughest car we’ve ever built, extremely reliable and tested under harsh conditions. Aluminum body with an integrated frame provides three times the rigidity, compared with analogues of the frame structure; At the same time, the Defender is distinguished by its low weight, low fuel consumption and high dynamic performance. Fulfill your desires. Go beyond.

This model showcases innovative and intuitive technologies designed for exciting 21st century travel, as well as ease of use and wide possibilities. Land Rover Defender Arctic Trucks AT35 will give you the opportunity to be closer to your goal, regardless of the complexity of the route that you have. All-wheel drive and a two-speed transfer case provide traction on difficult surfaces. Hill Descent Control and cruise control at low speeds on various types of terrain make it easier to navigate the most difficult terrain. Customize your powertrain, steering, differentials and traction control to go beyond the ordinary.

Defender in the Arctic Trucks package will allow you to visit new places, and then return you to the familiar environment of life, where the unique appearance and comfort are no less important than big mud wheels and the reliability of a winc.  

Changes in the design of the car are made in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents in force in the EAEU. Information about the technical characteristics, equipment features, fresh photos and videos on the Land Rover Defender AT35 are presented on the official website