Designed by the skilful hand of Architect Marco Casali (Too Design), performance is the main ingredient of the ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO.


“ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO stems from the idea of creating a boat that would exalt the values of sportiness and seaworthiness typical of an open boat.” Comments Marco Casali of Too Design. “The sleek lines are highlighted by the tall V-shaped bow and by the profile rapidly declining towards the stern. The sizeable open surfaces at the bow and stern make it unique in its category, while the hard top large opening glass panels ensure maximum comfort even in the cockpit extensive covered areas.”

“We strongly believe in this ISA Super Sportivo line and we are very pleased to start building this first model that we are positive it will be a great success.” Declares Giuseppe Palumbo, CEO of Palumbo Superyachts.

Powered with three 2000 HP engines, it will be capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50 knots.