With another hull sold, the Sunreef 43M Eco is proving popular with environmentally-aware owners who want electric sailing with huge amounts of space.

Nabil Ibrahim

Let’s get down to business: the Sunreef 43M Eco is the world’s biggest electric luxury catamaran.

This sentence alone says all you need to know about this revolutionary cat designed with the environment in mind. A testament to Sunreef Yachts’ commitment to sustainability, it leads the Polish shipyard’s Eco range, which is growing rapidly and already features a number of high-tech, green power and sailing catamarans.


Measuring 43 metres in length, the Sunreef 43m Eco is designed for maximum efficiency. Its advanced hybrid propulsion system allows it to sail silently and efficiently without any emissions for up to 12 hours at eco speed, making it a true leader in the realm of eco-friendly yachts. The vessel’s eco-credentials extend far beyond its electric engines though, as it features 1000m² of upwind sail area and 1600m² downwind, along with a 49-metre mast. This ensures smooth sailing and that the Sunreef’s environmental impact is minimised.

Luxury with sustainability: With the unlimited range and an unparalleled level of comfort, the Sunreef 43M Eco is the true expression of sustainable yachting.

Another of the 43’s green energy attractions are its solar panels. Mounted along the hulls, superstructure and bimini, these subtle panels actually look like they’re part of the 43’s bronze/black colourway, when in fact they help deliver up to 60kWp and enable the supercat to sail in silence. “The solar panels combine with the Eco’s smart energy management system to power the cat’s custom-engineered batteries,” commented editor Steve on a seatrial of another Sunreef Eco. “These allow for silent cruising, as demonstrated by the captain as we head down towards the Palm lagoon. Not only is the journey free of noise, but it’s also vibration and fume free too courtesy of the advanced electric engines. This is how cruising should be and once you’ve experienced the refinement of electric, it’s difficult to return to big turbo diesels.”


As expected, the beam on the 43 is colossal. Measuring in at 15 metres, it’s up there with some of the biggest superyachts on the water and just to put that into context, M/Y Yas, at 141 metres, has a beam of 14.6 metres. Also, being a cat, the beam remains constant throughout, creating a main deck, lower decks and fly that sumptuously accommodates the 43’s 10 guests.

There are five spacious cabins on board, each with its own private ensuite and above, the massive open-plan living area is flooded with natural light. Here, the large windows provide stunning panoramic views of the surrounding ocean while guests can enjoy the state-of-the-art audiovisual system. To keep fitness levels up, the Eco features a fully equipped gym, and there is a range of watersports equipment such as paddle boards and kayaks to take advantage of too.

For those who want to get closer to the ocean, the Sunreef also has a fantastic Ocean Lounge, combining the aft platform and fold-down balconies. This area is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or simply taking in the stunning views.

Francis Lapp, Sunreef’s founder and president concludes: “It is with growing enthusiasm that we see more and more customers noticing the potential of multihull superyachts. The Sunreef 43M Eco and Sunreef 100 Eco catamarans that we were recently commissioned to build, prove that our shipyard pioneers the emerging sector of exclusive sustainable multihulls.