The latest ENATA Foiler gets a luxury upgrade complete with cabin and a new layout.


When the Sharjah-built ENATA Foiler was launched back in 2018, it quickly caught the imagination of boating enthusiasts across the globe with its innovative foiling system and cutting-edge looks. However, the open configuration somewhat limited the Foiler’s usage, especially here in the UAE with the often extreme heat we have. Potential owners wanted the style and innovation of the Foiler, but with the practicalities of a day boat and that’s where the new Foiler Royale comes in to play.


Although the Royale has a familiar Foiler deck layout featuring a sofa/sunpad aft, seating and storage to port and starboard and a two-seat helm, it’s the steps next to the dashboard that are brand new. These lead down to the air-conditioned cabin, complete with bathroom, fridge and two large windows that look out onto the seascape ahead. It’s the perfect space for hiding from the sun, and thanks to the Royale’s futuristic Wing Hard Top, it’s now possible to shelter from the UV light on deck, too.

“We’re thrilled to launch the first Foiler with our magnificent Royale Cabin layout,” says ENATA Manager Alois Vieujot. “It offers unparalleled comfort and great privacy, all within the envelope of our proven technical platform. ENATA’s aerodynamic and engineering expertise has been fully harnessed by the Foiler to offer a safe, smooth and above all thrilling ride for discerning owners.”

Foiler Royale Cabin specifications
LOA: 9.8m
Wingspan: 3.3m (foils folded)-7.2m (foils deployed)
Draught: 0.7m-1.9m (foils down)
Engines: 2x 370hp diesel
Passengers: 8
CE Certification: B


Bringing the Foiler’s tech right up to date is the Wingman software suite that controls the Royale. The Wingman software package is able to manage and optimise every aspect of the yacht’s operation, from CO2 emissions and fuel consumption to the angle and loads on the foils.

“When we were developing the Foiler there were so many complex systems that we had to develop our own integrated system and management software suite,” commented Vieujot. “Before we had a table full of electronics that went into the boat. Now everything is managed by a computer chip connected to all the actuators and over 200 sensors across the entire boat.”

ENATA Marine can even monitor the Foiler over the cloud, issue health reports and notify the boat owner when a visit from a technician is due. It’s all part of the Royale experience, mixing style and practicality with next-generation tech.