Vitruvius Yachts has released images of its previously confidential Royal Yacht Britannia project.

The British government invited designs for a new National Flagship, however, the project was eventually scrapped as part of a package of spending cuts. Vitruvius Yachts and its collaborative team, TeamFestivAl, had planned the 125-metre zero-carbon vessel to be “for the people but fit for a king” switching between exhibition showcase or floating embassy with ease, suitable for everyone from VVIPs to the disabled.

“To design a vessel – a flagship, a benchmark in sustainability, as well as demonstrating British excellence and heritage for current and future generations, while also being a symbol of inclusion and diversity, was an enormous challenge that kept me awake at night,” commented Vitruvius’ Philippe Briand.“ The nature and intensity of the project kept me focused but also filled me with pride, not just in the design process itself but for what the flagship stands for.”