Say hello to the Ferrari 812 Superfaster

Steve Chalmers

It’s unlikely that Ferrari will name its limited edition 812 ‘the Superfaster’, but we won’t know for sure until its official launch on May 5th. What we do know is that it’s powered by a tweaked version of Ferrari’s legendary V12 engine, which puts out an incredible 818bhp (up from the stock 812’s 789bhp). This makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated Ferrari road car ever made – and also the highest revving, with the limited edition’s red line now stretching to 9,500rpm.

It’s not just the 812’s engine that’s been updated though, as the aerodynamicists at Maranello have added a revised front bumper and the rear glass hatch has been replaced by a louvered screen. Here, six vortex generators add to the supercars’ aerodynamic efficiency while allowing the yellow stripe to flow from the bonnet, over the roof and hatch, to the new ducktail rear spoiler.

The 812 special edition’s world premiere will be broadcast live on Ferrari’s social media channels on May 5 at 14:30 Central European Summer Time.


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The new 812 features a number of new aero solutions, the most notable being the rear hatch vortex generators
The Modena Yellow stripe can be traced back to the 1964 250 GTO