An exclusive distillation of beauty and innovation, Oasis 34M is the perfect answer for owners in search of a dynamic, less formal lifestyle and a thrilling experience on the water.

Embracing the five key features that have made the Oasis Deck concept such a success, this is a superyacht that promises limitless freedom, conviviality and a uniquely informal lifestyle.

Oasis 34M is an intriguing superyacht that follows in the footsteps of her big sister Oasis 40M, the first in the series and a resounding global success. Oasis encapsulates all the assets that have helped write the history of the Benetti brand: a strong tradition kept constantly up to date, investment in research and development, new style codes, quality and reliability. This highly innovative concept satisfies all the needs of contemporary owners who today more than ever choose to return to a life lived with emotion and engagement in close contact with the water.

Oasis 34M is the right answer for active, curious owners who want a dynamic, less formal lifestyle on board and are always on the lookout for an exciting adventure. Oasis 34M is an invitation to climb aboard and set sail towards the unique experience of an exclusive encounter with mother nature. More than just a boat, Oasis 34M is a whole lifestyle!