Innovative, modern and stylish they have also shown that yachting can be eco friendly. In some ways, they went too far, swapping solar panels for sundecks, but that major detail has been addressed with this Arcadia 105.

Steve Chalmers

I clearly remember my first Arcadia sea trial. It was a beautifully warm September afternoon in Cannes. The sun was still strong and as the waters in Le Vieux Port shimmered, I hopped onboard the 85 and headed towards the stairs to the flybridge.

Maneuvering out of the berth, this is the place to be, as not only have you got the soul-warming blue sky above you, but also a commanding view of the surrounding marina and the captain at your disposal should you wish to ask any questions. But on this day, my excited disposition turned to frustration and then to genuine sadness as I released that thanks to 3 kWs of solar paneling, the Arcadia 85 didn’t have a flybridge, just a narrow sky lounge. Sure, the windows dropped down, but it just wasn’t the same as a big, open, glorious fly.

However, Arcadia build yachts for owners, and thanks to a universal platform that can be individualized to suit different needs and requests, the likes of the semi-custom 105 can be created – complete with a huge sun lounge.


Arcadia Yachts can rightly be called innovators in modern shipbuilding. Eight years have passed since the creation of its first yacht, and the shipyard still pushes the industry forward. Behind the futuristic styling of all Arcadia Yachts are serious technical developments and environmental advancements, with reducing emissions and saving fuel a priority for the Italians.

After the shipyard announced its new 105 concept (an evolution of the A100), Arcadia turned to the trusted Milan-based studio of Hot Lab to spice things up. Although a young company, the studio’s already earned the respect of the yachting world, and with an equally fresh team, they were the complete choice for the Naples-based shipyard.

For the 105, Hot Lab built on the family look, which is immediately recognisable, with the design of the yacht based around the ‘four point’ superstructure. Forward of the grey coloured struts is the classic Arcadia glass house, ending with a mini-lounge at the bow. Aft is the aforementioned sun lounge with the sky lounge above and the open main deck below with its fold down balconies. It really is a fantastic design and proof that wild concept designs can actually go from ink, to GRP without losing a line.


Backing up the 105’s futuristic shell is its equally forward thinking main deck. Here, space is the number one design factor, and there’s lots of it. The cockpit, which on ‘normal’ yachts consists of a C-shaped sofa and a table is expanded and mirrored on the 105. Need room for absolutely everyone? Then it’s no problem, as the sofas can seat up to 12 people and then there’s the dining table that can seat another eight.

Stepping through into the main salon and the light and dark colourway creates a homely feel. But pull back the curtains, open the huge panoramic windows, drop the balconies and all of a sudden you have a what can only be described as a sea lounge. Wherever you look, there’s the ocean and with the low-slung furniture, it can be enjoyed fully while seated. You hear of some shipyards talking about erasing the boundaries between “inside” and “outside”, but here, the Arcadia’s decks literally flow into the interior.

The 105’s design is built on flexibility between interior and exterior spaces, with respect for the surrounding environment.

Housed under the main superstructure arch is the spacious galley: modern, stylish and perfectly placed to serve the rest of the 105. Forward is another customisable area, which has been utilised as a winter garden and master cabin in other Arcadias, but here we find the 105’s game room. Here, not only do we have a 180-degree panoramic view, but thanks to a glass ceiling, there’s the view above too. It’s a unique look, with the solar panels crisscrossed with the blue sky. It’s unlike anything else on the water.

Also, for the 105, the solar panels provide more than 4 kW of power, which is enough to power various electrical appliances and devices, such as the refrigerators, lighting and electronics when at anchor. As there is no need for running generators, the Owner and guests can live in cool comfort while listening to the sea lap at the hull. When the 105 does need to move to pastures new, the semi planning Arcadia uses a pair of MAN V8s, which can top out at 17-knots, or cruise at a comfortable 12-knots.


Heading below decks we have a relatively straightforward layout. Here, the master suite stretches across the full 7.76 metre beam, giving the Owner plenty of room to kick back and relax, cocooned in a light and dark colourway.

The two VIPs and one twin comfortably house the remaining guests and should a prospective owner want a slightly different layout, then Arcadia has a bank of 50 different options to choose from, including the decor. It’s tough to beat the ambience of this 105 though, with its black and white shades complemented by glossy lacquer accents.


Up on the 105’s upper deck are three distinct zones. Forward is the wheelhouse, which is about as open as you can possibly find on a yacht. Huge, three-piece windows (which can be lowered, similar to a car’s side windows) make for a safe, commanding view.

Behind the wheelhouse is the traditional Arcadia sky lounge. The windows here can also be dropped, opening up the area to the elements to some extent, but for lovers of the sun, it’s time to head aft to the 105’s sun deck.

The sun deck is exactly what pervious Arcadias were missing and almost to make up for it, the shipyard has created a 36 metre square suntrap. A bar, four sofas and four folding tables give you some idea on how large the area is, and as the sun lounge is wider than the sky lounge you get a great view forward while standing at the bulwarks. Should it all get too much, a pair of sun shades can be erected – but we’d just rather slap on some extra sun cream.

Arcadia 105 Specifications
LOA: 31.57m
Beam: 7.76m
Draught: 2.01m
Engines: 2x 1,000hp MAN V8
Fuel cap: 15,600ltr
Max speed: 17 kn
Cruise speed: 15
Displacement: 134t
Passengers: 8 + 5 crew
Shipyard: Arcadia Yachts Italy


Arcadia has built a yacht that covers all aspects of modern yachting. The 105’s distinctive and adventurous style really makes it stand out in the marina. Space is an aspect of this yacht and the décor and interior styling offer some unique vistas. To top it all off, it’s quiet, efficient and eco friendly – the perfect platform on which to mount that wonderful sundeck.