Construction work on the new cabin version of the Gozzo, a 38-footer, is proceeding at full throttle toward a launch in the spring of 2024.

The new model will offer more space on board and better protection on deck with an innovative deckhouse, while also providing a longer bathing platform compared to the best-selling Gozzo 35 from which the design originates.

Apreamare announces that work on the new cabin version of the Gozzo is ongoing without delays and is on track for the launch scheduled for spring 2024. This new version, dubbed the Gozzo 38 Cabin, has advanced significantly beyond the project as it was presented to the public a few months ago.

The project was developed by the skill of Marco Casali and Umberto Tagliavini who, starting from the best-selling Gozzo 35, realized a new version ready to sail in every season, thanks above all to the new design of the deckhouse, which is characterized by a sinuous and enveloping structure. Aesthetically, it maintains both the refinement of the open version and the distinctive, iconic look of the Sorrentine gozzo.