AMAZING MAIN SALONS: Azimut Grande 35 Metri

The main salon is the first indoor area on a yacht where you get to sit back in a sumptuous sofa, switch on the flatscreen and chill with a mocktail and a bowl of nibbles.

In layout and style, the main salon has always been pretty formulaic, but not all main salons have been created equal, as our trio of luxury lounges prove. Go back through the Yachts archives and you’ll find most main salons are set up in a similar fashion, featuring a symmetrical layout with regimented sofas, tables and accessories.

It’s all very horizontal, vertical and perpendicular, but not so with Azimut’s Grande 35 Metri. Here, the Italian shipyard turned to Achille Salvagni, a master of residential interior design and a man with a dislike of the set square.

Sensuous curves and flowing arcs define Salvagni’s asymmetrical execution, with straight lines few and far between. Even the light fittings flow from the ceiling from their circular bases.

It’s a couturier’s approach to design and a refreshing change from the orderly, straightedge main salons of the last decade.