The Onda 321L is so much more than a luxurious superyacht tender – it’s a fun day boat, too.


I was once delivered to a yacht in a rough looking, albeit jet-powered, 9-foot dinghy, clinging dearly to my suitcase as we sploshed through wave after wave. It was at the end of quite a long day’s travel and I found the whole experience quite fun, as I could imagine James Bond himself approaching an adversary’s yacht in a similar manner. But what if you’re not a secret agent, and you simply need to get from shore to superyacht without getting your dress shoes wet?

Limo tender

To arrive in real style, your superyacht needs its own limo and for the 85-metre O’Ptasia, the Owners looked to Onda to custom build a 9.75-metre tender to shuttle guests in complete luxury without getting a drop of salt water on them.

The Greek shipyard specialises in building fast motor yachts, and with the Scandinavian Mannerfelt Design Team taking care of the naval architecture the Onda 312L is quite a vessel in its own right. “The new Onda limousine tender combines practicality with elegance,” said Ted Mannerfelt. “For example, side foam fenders are bigger compared to other boats on the market and it ensures solid protection and easy docking. The double step hull gives a smooth ride and easy to plane.”

A pair of 220 hp Volvo Penta D3s give the 321 a top speed of 42 knots and sprightly acceleration.

Limo luxury

The limo, which could technically be described as a Coupe de ville, as it has an open helm for the skipper and an enclosed compartment for guests, consists of three zones. The open helm at the bow – perfect for visibility and easy docking. The open teak swim and boarding platform aft and of course, the middle section, which is simple in its luxury.

Superbly finished, the guest compartment features two opposing hand-stitched leather sofas, which are large enough to sit up to 10 of O’Ptasia’s lucky guests. The materials used reflect the quality of the mothership as does the natural beige and grey colour way. Subtle lighting sets the mood and for longer trips, or mini excursions, there’s an espresso machine, a compact drinks cooler and a top class entertainment system.

High performer

Unlike its road going limo counterpart, the Onda handles and goes like a true sportster. A deep-V, two-step hull, mixed with a pair of 220 hp Volvo Penta D3 turbo diesels give the 321 a top speed of 42 knots and sprightly acceleration. “It starts planning at 10 knots, which is amazing,” commented Onda’s CEO George Riginos. “Therefore, the ride is much smoother and top speed is higher than usual for comparable tenders. It is as if a limousine was crossed with a Ferrari.”

LOA: 9,90m
Beam: 2,89m
Hull: Deep-V, Two ventilated steps
Displacement: 3,950kg (approx)
Fuel capacity: 400 ltr
Water capacity: 80 ltr
Max horsepower: 2x 270 HP
Engine options: Inboard


First impressions last, and with the 321, O’Ptasia’s guests get a taste of what’s to come. Fast, stable and luxurious, the limo can whisk its guests to the beach club, or even set-off on a mini adventure of its own thanks to its life-saving amenities, i.e the coffee machine.